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Get Permanent Solutions for Negative Bad Yelp Reviews

At Proonlinereputation, we handle a lot of inquiries on a daily basis regarding removal or fixing of bad reviews on Yelp. We understand that finding false reviews online can lead to frustration and can impact the business adversely. Moreover, such reviews continue to be there on Yelp until they don't violate Yelp.com’s terms of service. Yelp.com is a listed site designed with the purpose to give consumers honest reviews about businesses. It is easy to find a plenty of information on Yelp relating to restaurants, doctors, shopping place and more. Once a business makes it to Yelp list, it is next to impossible to get off the list.

Why are Yelp Reviews Important?

Yelp is a great platform for business owners to promote their business by advertising their business and reaching out to potential customers. Yelp has a unique algorithm to filter reviews which are false which leads to filtering of positive reviews leaving negative ones to be prominently displayed in search engine results and on Yelp site.

Since customers are influenced by online reviews regarding a product or business so a negative business review is likely to lose its customer. In today's world, more than 80% of purchase decisions of a customer depends upon the online reviews. So, if a particular business is found with poor online reviews it has to undergone huge decline in its sales and customers. We have helped clients with diverse businesses and helped them manage negative Yelp reviews with our strategic and comprehensive approach.

How to Get Rid of Negative Yelp Reviews?

If you are worried about negative Yelp reviews affecting your image or business then we can help you. Since Yelp reviews are protected by the First Amendment and the CDA Act so, they don’t typically remove any reviews. Moreover, Yelp does not remove any kind of reviews for its advertisers, so advertising on Yelp is a futile way to monitor or remove reviews.

A piece of negative information on the Internet reaches out to people at a much faster rate than positive news. That's why it is important to take considerate actions to eliminate negative review profiles from being displayed in search engine results.

For removing Yelp reviews, one needs to reach out the source of these reviews and then eliminate the profile from the source. It may not be possible to prevent bad reviews, but it is definitely possible to prevent these reviews from reaching out to people. Our Yelp review removal services include certain steps which can save you from any kind of loss.

  • Our professional team first works to analyze where the customers are able to find these reviews. Many studies have revealed that customers use Google, Yahoo, and Bing to check online reviews about a particular product or business.
  • After we get a clear understanding about the source of these reviews, we design an action plan to remove the Yelp.com business listing from being visible altogether.
  • We have tried and tested strategies to prevent Yelp profiles from appearing in the search engine results. You will see that our campaigns will create a crystal-clear image of your business on the Internet. We help you take control of your “Google real estate” which gives you total control of what your customers see about your business.

At Proonlinereputation, we also review the current negative Yelp reviews to check if they are compliant or against with Yelp Content Guidelines and Terms of Service. Our team is well-versed with the guidelines of Yelp and thus can help you achieve positive results by contacting Yelp on their behalf. We can act as a mediator between your business and authors of bad reviews to resolve issues. In the case of posting of any defamatory false reviews then we can also send them cease & desist letter using on your behalf. Although this may involve high costs but we can introduce you to our business defamation attorneys for filing lawsuits. A lawsuit can even be filed if the reviewer’s identity is unidentified. In the case of fake reviews, you may get a “no show” of the defendant along with a default judgment and a removal order which you can be submitted to Yelp for removal of the review. We are always available to provide you recommendations to improve your Yelp ratings. Our plans include improving reviews on Google+ Local, YellowPages.com, and more.

If you are being troubled by negative Yelp reviews then get in touch with us today. Give us an opportunity to serve you with the best.

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