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Don't let online criticism ruin your practice

Lawyers are considered as an elite class of educated and knowledgeable professionals in every democracy. They command respect from every individual in society. But sadly, a lawyer's reputation is always at stake. Why? It is because when a lawyer wins a case it is considered to be his job. On the other hand, when a lawyer or attorney loses a case in the court then the client wouldn't leave even a single chance of criticizing the lawyer. Sometimes, such clients even use the internet and social media to defame the lawyers which affect the professional life and reputation of a lawyer. Online criticism can prove to be devastating for the career of the lawyer.

Today, lawyers and law firms are subject to many challenges when it comes to their online reputation which includes:

  • Public complaints on forum posts over an attorney grievance
  • Negative reviews and comments by clients on online directories
  • Negative mentions on social media and blogs related to law

"PRO Online Reputation" has got years of experience in attorney reputation management and we have helped various lawyers to save their career from bad online reviews. Working with lawyers actually made us realize that people who work hard to save others life and property also need professional support for online reputation management to save their career. That's why we have taken the responsibility to protect the online reputation of lawyers with our services. Our expert team involved in lawyer reputation management is dedicated to analyze every case logically and create comprehensive strategies to protect the online reputation of lawyers.

We provide Lawyer Reputation Management Services with Special Features:

  • Ethical Solutions
  • Authenticated results
  • Affordable Rates
  • Quick and long-lasting results
  • Exceptional Service
  • 24*7 Support

How to keep a check on your Online Reputation?


A simple way to check your online reputation is to keep an eye on what’s being said and read about you or your company on the Internet. Make use of various search engines to get a real picture because different search engines have different formulas to place search pages. You can use Google and Bing free alerts to monitor your company's real-time activities online.

Use Social Media

Social media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great tools for lawyers and law firms to promote themselves in an inexpensive way. Regularly posting, promoting and updating the social media about your latest information and expertise can help you reach out to more and more people. But make sure you choose your words wisely and act professionally when it comes to social media. We can help you develop the right social media policy for your firm which can help you create a strong presence online.

Handling Client Complaints

It is easy to handle search engines and social media but the real challenge arises when it comes to client complaints and negative reviews on online forums. The challenge lies at the lawyer side who is bound by the matter of attorney which is like the client privilege. All the communications between an attorney and client are a matter of confidentiality. But an unhappy client can take due advantage of it and post a public complaint on an online forum. Now, in case the attorney responds, he is at risk of violating the attorney–client privilege. And if doesn't reply, he is inviting threat to his image online which can even ruin his career. In such cases, you have to be highly cautious and choosy about your own words. You have to be scrupulously polite while addressing the client’s concerns. You can even post a public response which says, in effect, “As Mr. Joseph’ attorney — and thus, bound by attorney–client privilege — I cannot violate client confidentiality in lieu of responding to the client's accusations. However, I take issue with Mr. Joseph’ allegations and maintain that all my actions were legal and ethical.”

What we do for law firms and attoryney?

At "PRO Online Reputation", we use various methods and tactics to handle your online image. We build various strategies to monitor and change the negative reviews and comments posted by an individual lawyer or the entire firm. We adopt all the ethical techniques to protect the image of our client and deliver them only the best results. We adopt different reputation management strategies for different cases. Our approach to solve a particular case involves the development of a map which gives us a clear picture of the immediate and the long-term impacts of our efforts. This also helps us to maintain a transparent and open relation with our clients. Some of our healthy practices involve website development, regular updates about your information and expertise, social media and blogs to help our clients build a strong online reputation.

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